Birthday Freebies

Sometimes on my birthday I make it a goal to see how many free or discounted things I can get, solely because I love to be spoiled and let’s face it free stuff is great. I thought I would share some places to get free stuff on your birthday or even get a discount.

01 Krispy Kreme Who doesn’t love free donuts! Sign up for their e-Club on and when your birthday comes around that free donut is all yours.

02 Chili’s If you sign up for My Chili’s + Plenti rewards you get a free dessert on your big day.

03 Starbucks This one is super beneficial for me. I love coffee and if you are enrolled with their rewards program you get a free drink on your birthday.

04 Red Robin This is another birthday score for me. Red Robin is my favorite place to grab and burger and if you join Red Robin Royalty Rewards you get a free burger!

05 RedBox Why not score a free movie rental? Sign up for Redbox Play Pass and on your birthday that free rental is all yours.

06 Cracker Barrel Tell your server it is your birthday and you get a free dessert. No sign-up necessary.

07 Montana Club This deal doesn’t require that you sign up for anything, you simply tell your server it is your birthday and they discount your bill according to your age. Turning 50? Get 50% off of your bill.

These next two are fun for the kiddos.

08 Build a Bear Sign up for the Build a Bear rewards program and on your kiddos birthday you pay their age for the birthday bear!

09 Barnes & Noble Kids score a free cupcake during their birthday week from the bookstore cafe when parents sign up for the no-fee Kids Club program.

Enjoy & Happy Birthday!


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